Happy First Anniversary!


Hello! I’m Kim and this is my blog.

One year ago, I closed on the sale of my house in Kalamazoo, Michigan and hit the road with Walter the Cat, Flo the Airstream and Bart the Big Ass Red Truck. My goal is to spend four or five years traveling the lower 48. I might even throw in Alaska and Canada, too!

I will share my adventures and misadventures as I go along. In my first year, I have had quite a few of both. In the meanwhile, as I get this blog up and running, let me share a few pieces of wisdom I have gained during this first year.

1. When towing a trailer, there is more than one direction to be concerned with.

2. When you are in the desert, be sure to drink water whenever you have the chance. As they say, if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

3. Never pass up the opportunity to use the restroom. (see item 2.)