Some Family Time

I hitched up and had a passing camper do a quick safety check on the trailer lights for me. With the cleaned out seven-way plug, I figured that I was good to go. I headed Bart toward Alabama and family!

Heading out from Redgate Campground

An hour or so down the road, I started puzzling about the brakes. I still wasn’t getting a reading on the trailer brake controller and that worried me. I wasn’t having trouble stopping, but I do leave a lot of room around me and I brake “gently.” I decided to give Airstream in Jackson Center a call and see if they had any ideas.

I pulled into a gas station and gave them a call. The word I got was that if I stepped on the brakes and could hear them engage, they were working whether or not the display was working. I asked a guy parked near me to listen while I stepped on the brakes, as I couldn’t step on the brakes in the cab and listen back by the trailer wheels. He said he could hear them, so I motored on feeling more confident. I figured I’d take Bart in again once I got where I was going and tell a mechanic what was going on.

It was so good to get to Scott and Lesley’s house! This time, it was easy to slip Flo right in next to the house and hook her up to the outlet Scott put in for me.

I had a great time visiting and just hanging out with loved ones.

Scott and I played some Scrabble. I play a lot of Words With Friends on my phone, but it’s always wonderful to play a real game.

The first weekend I was there, I went to Plains, Georgia to attend church with Jimmy Carter. You can read about my adventure here.

There was a lot of hanging out with the dogs.

There’s Wabbit. With ears like that, what else could you call him?

And Callie. Or is that Kali?

Then there’s Hua-Hua, which comes from Chihuahua. It’s pronounced “Who-ah Who-ah.”

This is CocoaPuff. Unfortunately, he had a condition that precluded treatment, so this was my last visit with him.

A new dog came to join the pack while I was there. This is Tia. Lesley found her wandering the streets when she was out walking. They tried to find the owner, but they weren’t successful. As of┬áthis writing, she is still a member of the family.

Scott and I have birthdays that are one day (and six years) apart. We decided to celebrate by getting our birthday burgers at Red Robin.

Our server was delightful, and he even brought us birthday sundaes. What a treat!

The wreath that I got when I helped Craig get his U-Haul packed, and that I hung on my trailer in Savannah, found a permanent home at Scott and Lesley’s house.

I joined Scott and Lesley at their church. It’s an interesting church in that it’s bilingual. They have headsets and an interpreter translates the service. Afterwards, we went in the community room for a little socialization. I thought the centerpieces were cute.

The snack was tasty, too.

While I was there, I decided that I had to track down what was wrong with my braking system. First Scott tried to diagnose the problem.

He wasn’t able to figure it out, so I went to a Dodge dealer. They checked everything out and replaced the trailer brake controller. Ka-ching! But, if that did the job, it would be money well spent.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do the job. I ended up having to get the trailer brakes replaced, too. I looked up a trailer brake place and ended up at a private shop owned by some brothers from Guatemala.

They were able to get it done and I haven’t had any further problems with the trailer brakes. (Knock on wood!) When I paid the bill, I sang the Guatemalan National Anthem with the guy who helped me out.

It wasn’t cheap, but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. You have to have brakes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, everyone is getting ready for Christmas.

Beth, Lesley’s daughter, is holding Everett while Elijah is engrossed in opening his present.

Elijah obliged me by posing with the Christmas tree.

Lesley is enjoying some time with her granddaughter, Gwen.

Scott sure enjoys Elijah – and Elijah loves him.

Lesley made turkey – my favorite! And then she made turkey soup, another favorite!

And with that, it was time to motor onward! I love it when you can use a map of the entire country to plan a trip.






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  1. Yeah, more than one paycheck got sucked down the brake-repair sink hole for us this year.

    The fact that I paid $$$ to a “muffler-n-brake” shop to NOT fix the problem was most vexing.

    Glad to see the wreath got a permanent home in Phenix City.

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