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When you spend a chunk of time in a place, there are always small stories that won’t fill up a full post. Here are a few of those stories.

I was happy to meet up with Jeanne, a fellow Kalamazoo Public Schools teacher. She happened to be visiting her brother and we were able to meet up.

She suggested that we have dinner at Organ Stop Pizza. I have to admit that I was surprised when I got there. I thought that it would have kind of a desert theme – the name conjured up the Organ Pipe National Monument.

When I got there, I thought that maybe the name was a play on the artery-clogging potential of pizza.

But, no, it had to do with pipe organs, hence the name Organ Stop. And this organist could pull out all the stops! (And those who know me know that organ music isn’t my favorite.)

I tried to take a video, but I couldn’t do it justice. If you are loping for a one-or-a-kind dining experience in Mesa, I heartily recommend Organ Stop Pizza.

I met up with Pat and Shelly from Buffalo. We met when we were camping in Texas last year and then met up again when we were in Buffalo at the same time. They are also Airstreamers, and right now they are on an extended trip throughout the country.

Speaking of Airstreamers, I met up with Mary. She lives in Phoenix in a lovely mid-century modern house. She has her Airstream listed on AirBnB!

There was an Airstream gathering at a resort in Casa Grande, and Mary offered to let me drive down with her. We had a great chat along the way and I enjoyed hearing about here interesting life.

When we got to the resort, we tried to follow the guard’s directions to the pavilion. I think we turned the wrong way, but when we saw this lovely shiny trailer, we just had to stop.

Actually, we knew that someone with a non-Airstream trailer was going to be attending and that they were welcoming visitors. Their trailer was for sale, after all.

Such cool retro details!

After oohing and ahhing for a bit, we headed over to the gathering.

Parked by the pavilion was the mother of all tow vehicles! It was a customized Freightliner. The owner got the largest one he could get without needing a CDL license and had it fitted out exactly they way he wanted. In the back is a complete shop with just about every tool you can imagine. I wish I had taken a photo of the interior.

It was fun to meet up with so many Airstreamers. Here is a photo of Mary and me with Elizabeth, who organized the event.

Konnie and I made a visit to IKEA for browsing and lunch. Here’s a shot of me with the “official” Airstream mascot, the flamingo.

One of the things I love about IKEA is their practical approach to design. How marvelous that they would put in a sink in their rest room that is the right height for a child or a little person.

And, while we are on the topic of rest rooms, here is a photo of some tiles I found in a rest room along the way.

I love how it looks like origami paper that has been unfolded.

This multi-armed cactus caught my eye every time I turned down the road that lead to Lake Pleasant Regional Park.

Lake Pleasant had wild burros living in the park. I was so excited when I actually saw a herd one evening.

I guess it was dinner time.

Now, I know that there are wild burros in many places, but it is always exciting to see them.

There was a launch site for hot air balloons that I passed when I returned to the park at night. That was always a marvelous sight.

Yep, everyday is an adventure!


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  1. Next time we are in Arizona – I want to camp @ lake pleasant… it looks really nice.
    Also- on the subject of tiles- there is a great folk art museum with amazing tile in the bathrooms. It’s in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. State campground just south of town. The museum has a very interesting collection and the town is definitely Worth a visit if you were in the area.

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