Pulling into Portland

I set off nice and early for Portland – before noon, at least. It was a 280 mile trip. I was making good time and had about twenty miles left to go when I hit traffic.

That’s not all bad. When you are stuck in traffic you have time to look around and even take pictures.

For instance, this overpass caught my interest. What in the world is going on here? Of course, I had no one to ask, so I still don’t know. But, I did have┬átime to look and ponder.

I was fine with just inching along with the flow. I had a reservation at a campground. I had called the campground before I left Medford just to make sure.

That is, I was fine with the traffic and the glacial speed until I heard the “low fuel” bell sound. I looked down and noticed that the gas distance to empty was getting smaller and smaller. Since I wasn’t really moving, I had time to check the mapping program and find a gas station. I got off the interstate and wended my way to a gas station in a residential neighborhood.

You should have seen the people looking at me in amazement! I guess it’s not every day that you see a full-size Airstream pulled by the world’s longest pickup inching by your house.

I got gassed up and back on the road. Fun fact: There are no self-serve gas stations in Oregon. It was quite a treat to remain seated in the cab of the truck and have the gas pumped for me.

I got to Jantzen Beach RV Park before dark. My site information was waiting for me outside the office. Even though I had been on the road for a good six or seven hours, my site was easy enough to back into

I unhooked Flo from Bart. While I was hooking up the water and electric, it started to drizzle. I got indoors and started getting some dinner together.

And then the rain started in earnest.

This is the Pacific Northwest, after all.



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