My next stop was Sacramento. It was just an overnight, as my next real destination was Lake Tahoe to visit a friend. Since I wasn’t there for long, my priority was to be able to get in and get out easily. What is more easy that a parking lot with hook ups?

Yes, I was staying at a fairground – Cal Expo RV Park. The most exciting part of the stay for me was that they assigned me a site with one of my “lucky numbers.”

Whenever I’d see numbers that were in sequential order, like 12:34, I’d comment to my father that it was a good luck  number. He seemed to enjoy this little game, so now whenever I see numbers like that, I feel that my father is with me.

Anyway, I got settled in to the asphalt oasis and decided to see what I could see of Sacramento.

I consulted my HISTORY Here app and found a couple places I wanted to check out: the California State Capitol, the Pony Express Terminal, the place that received the first intercontinental telegraph and Old Sacramento.

I drove into town and found a place to park. At first, I was dazzled by the credit card option to feed the meter. Then, I felt my heart leap with joy when I noticed that today was free parking day and no payment was required.

I strolled over to the capitol. According to my HISTORY Here app, it was finished in 1874. When the architect Reuben Clark broke ground in December 1860 the budget was $100,00 for a steel and stucco building. Clark recommended stone, which lead to spiraling costs. It ended up costing $2.5 million dollars, which would be nearly $60 billion in today’s currency. Political controversy, labor difficulties and floods proved to be too much for Clark. In 1864 he was committed to an insane asylum.

Not an easy gig.

Speaking of gigs, there was a jazz group playing on the steps. People would stand and listen for a while and then drift off.

The building was quite lovely, with a lot of classical touches. It was rebuilt beginning in 1975. The effort lasted six years and cost $68 billion.

Golly! No wonder the building looks good!

I noticed that the flags were flying at half staff, so I went to see if I could find someone who could tell me why. I figured that there would be a guard near a door. I did find one, but she didn’t have any information about it. Later I Googled and checked on  and I couldn’t find a reason. I even asked on Facebook. No one knew why the flag was at half staff. I wonder if they just forgot.

I thought the palm trees were a nice touch – so California!

Another interesting fact about this capitol is that Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford in 1975 as he walked across the grounds.

I headed back to Bart (the Big Ass Red Truck). I passed an interesting memorial to public safety officers who died in the line of duty.

I appreciated the sacrifice made by the families that were left behind.

After that it was time to check out the other places I thought would be interesting.

I had no trouble finding Old Town Sacramento. The Pony Express Office was there, as was the office that received the first intercontinental telegraph. What I did have trouble finding was parking.

Given the abundance of salt water taffy stores, T shirt shops and places that sold every manner of kitschy souvenirs, I decided that I had seen all I needed to see.

I headed back to the RV park to get rested up for the next day’s trip to Lake Tahoe.