Jersey?! Which Exit?

After Connecticut, my next goal was New Jersey. I am really crossing the states off my list now!

It was kind of an adventure getting there. I decided to use my paper maps until I got close. Unfortunately, paper maps (at least of the AAA variety) don’t warn you about which roads not to take.

I was rolling down Sawmill Parkway in New York State, when I noticed a few people honking as they passed me. “Odd,” I thought.

Finally a guy rolled down his window and motioned for me to do the same. I did, and he told me that trailers weren’t allowed on the parkway and warned me that I should get off or I might get a ticket.

I gave him a thumbs up and resolved to get off at the next exit. BEFORE I got to the next exit, I saw a sign warning of low clearance – 8’8″. GULP! My trailer is 10’6″. I slowed down and approached cautiously. The overpass was an arch, so I moved to the center of the roadway and kept my fingers crossed. It looked a lot taller that 8’8″. Luckily, they must have been measuring at the lowest part, so I passed through without an issue – unless  you call sweaty palms an issue.

I managed to make my way to New Jersey and to the parking lot where I was going to meet my friend, Mary Ellen. We sang in a church choir together in Kalamazoo. The last time I saw her was in 2006, when I stopped off on my way to a summer in Europe.

She invited me to park in her driveway and enjoy her hospitality. She didn’t have to ask me twice. Come to think of it, maybe I asked her if I could stay. In any event, she was a marvelous hostess!


She has a lovely home, but isn’t every house even better with an Airstream in the driveway?


When I think of New Jersey, I think of urban sprawl. Really, though, it is a state that is less developed and more agricultural that you might think. The deer were all over. I snapped this photo right across the street from her house.

Mary Ellen went to work every day, and I spent time at home. I was having trouble getting my website and blog to work, so I spent a couple of days working on that. When she came home, her dogs were waiting eagerly for her return.


Halen and Fiona are the corgis and poor Bree had to wear the “cone of shame”.


Here’s Fiona having a little “quality time” with Mary Ellen.


It was a novel experience to sleep in a bed with such a lovely quilt. Mary Ellen made it, and it is in my favorite colors. I left it on the bed when I departed, just in case you are wondering.


During the weekend I was there, we ran a few errands and stopped by Alstede Farms to drop off some boxes from the community supported agriculture that Mary Ellen belonged to.

I was amazed by the crowds turning out for the “pick-your-own” fun.


We also went in and bought some of their products. I mean, we managed to get in and get a parking spot – why not?


It was lovely to spend time with Mary Ellen, Bree,




and Fiona!

I hope it’s not ten years before we see each other again.

Next stop: Delaware,